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Assume nothing

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Assume nothing
Мне объяснили, что это латинский вариант девиза Смерти - don't fear the reaper (не бойся жнеца) и также the title of an old Blue Oyster Cult song about commiting suicide. Кто-нибудь знает, как этот девиз переводился по-русски и о какой именно песне идет речь? (хорошо бы текст увидеть)

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Откуда есть пошел Витинари

Assume nothing
Источник происхождения имени, очевидно. Мдя...


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Пратчетт по поводу фанфикшна

Assume nothing
Я нашла на сайте Writer's life кусок интервью.

Terry Pratchett on Fanfiction and The Law:

"There is no question that using characters, backgrounds, plot threads, etc, etc of an author in copyright can get you into serious legal trouble -- there have been cases over this recently in the States. Try publishing a James Bond novel without consulting the Fleming estate and see what happens. It's amazing that people don't realise this. Publishers are used to getting stories with a covering note saying 'Here's a story I've set in Harry Spiven's 'World of Hurts' universe...' and the publishers say 'Did you get his permission?' and the writer says 'I don't have to do that, do I?' and the publishers go white and say 'Does the Pope shit in the woods?'

That's the REAL world. Now let's talk about FANDOM.

The law isn't any different. But there's people out there writing HHGTTG stuff, Red Dwarf stuff, Star Trek stuff and Discworld stuff for the amusement of their friends. Authors react on an individual basis. Some hate it and try to stop it. Anne McCaffrey -- I think, although I'm open to correction here -- doesn't mind so long as her main characters are not used. Douglas Adams seems to have tolerated/given permission for a welter of Hitchhikers stuff in the ZZ9 fanzine.

It seems to me that if something is being done on an amateur basis by a fan for fans, and is clearly their own work, and is done out of a shared regard for the basic subject matter, then it would be kind of chilly for an author to run around hammering people. It's fandom, for god's sake. I don't give anyone permission, I just smile and think what the hell.

There's a danger, of course, that some dumb bugger out there will interpret this as an indication that Discworld is now in the public domain or open to franchising. It is neither. If anyone tries a commercial rip-off -- not a parody, not fanac, but a cynical attempt to cash in on my Discworld -- then the sewage farm will hit the three megawatt aerogenerator."

"I'd rather fanfic went on somewhere where I don't see it. Why? Because if A Fan writes a piece about, say, Discworld tax collectors, and I chose to write about Discworld tax collectors a year later, A Fan will send me the 'nyer, ripoff, you nicked my idea' email."

Если вкратце, то прямого запрета на фики нет, лишь бы они писались исключительно для личного, семейного, домашнего потребления, исключающего коммерческое использование. И чтобы сюжеты фиков и оригинала не пересекались.

Перевести я не берусь, поскольку не понимаю половины имен и названий, однако если кто желает...

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ищу книгу

Assume nothing
Кто-нибудь знает, где в сети можно скачать "К оружию! К оружию!"? Только официальный перевод Жикаренцева, а не "В доспехах и с оружием" Бени-Леви (этот совершенно нечитабелен). Хэлп!

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Assume nothing
Дорогие пратчеттоманы, вот скажите - в природе вообще существуют русскоязычные фанфики по Плоскому миру и где их можно найти?

bonus: никто не помнит, как в русском переводе звучало имя Carrot? (это кто-то из ночной стражи, кажется)

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